We would love for you to add us and our ministry to your prayer lists!  We would especially like prayer for:

-Protection and health

-That parents and children would be open to the message of the Gospel

-That God would continue to open doors for local and foreign missions opportunities

-People with a call to missions who would join our work in Michoacan

-Financial provision



One of our annual events is 24-hour Kids' Camp.  It is a great opportunity for kids to learn more about God's love for them and also to interact with others and build friendships with other children as well as with the teaching staff.  The event is full of food, candy, prizes, games, and crafts, and we usually charge between 5 and 8 US dollars for the event.  Even though the price is low, and never covers all of the expenses, every year there are several children who are unable to attend because they can't afford it.  Designate a donation for Kids' Camp and we will make sure it goes directly to sponsor a child's camp!


We do many events year-round, many of which are listed on our Projects page. Because we want everyone to attend these events, we do our best to offer them for free or for low cost.  Many expenses for these activities come out of our monthly support, and make our budget stretch.  If you would like to help us financially with a specific event, you can either click on donate and specify the event you want to sponsor, or you can contact us for a list of specific needs. You can also donate items for kids' events. Look for more information on our Donate page.


Today for Christ is funded entirely by church support and individual donations. If you would like to be part of what God is doing in Michoacan, and are unable to come, we would welcome any financial gift.  Click on the Donate button to donate directly to us through Paypal, or to find out where you can send cash or check.  If you want to donate items for our children's programs or events, click Donate to find a list of needed items.



We would love to invite you to come for a visit, either by yourself or with a group. There are always plenty of short-term missions opportunities, and seeing first-hand what God is doing in Michoacan could change your perspective forever.  If you are interested in coming, fill out your information on the Contact page, and we will get in touch with you.